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Monday, March 28, 2011

Product of the week: ATC SPA2-150 Power Amplifier

Product of the week: ATC SPA2-150 Power Amplifier 


As designers of the world’s most sophisticated loudspeaker drive units ATC are only too aware of the requirements for a power amplifier to properly drive a real loudspeaker load. The grounded source amplifier, with its novel swinging supply, best meets those requirements.
The SPA2-150 uses a grounded source output stage to deliver over 150W, driven by a buffer based on the discrete gain block which enables the SCA2 pre-amplifier to deliver such astonishing performance figures. Used in this way to drive the FET output stage, distortion components are more than 95db down under any conditions, ensuring totally clean and transparent sound with the effortless dynamics for which ATC is justly famous.

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