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Friday, August 6, 2010

Similarities and Dissimilarities of Threads and Process


1)share cpu.

2)sequential execution

3)create child

4)if one thread is blocked then the next will be start to run like process.



1)threads are not independent like process.

2)all threads can access every address in the task unlike process.

3)threads are design to assist one another and process might or not might be assisted on one another



Some Major Difference

1. Different processes can't work under same memory location. They have their own individual working memory segment. But the threads can work under the same memory area. Even they can access any memory location.

2. Processes have the overhead of making all the work within it orderly and also sum up them. But threads are done for a single unit of task only and at completion their work is all over.

3. Multiple processes require the resources explicitly to work with. They are least concerned about sharing them. i.e why when a system implements a multi process system it is expensive as compared to multi-threaded system. Because the threads have good strategy to share the things.

4.One process can run on more than one thread

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