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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Improvements needed in Facebook

Let me begin with two questions. Why is it that such a victorious complement as Facebook feels suchlike it needs to interchange and reinvent its port constantly? And why are we so contented with these changes that, quite literally, stop our online mixer lives?

We make seen how multiethnic media is dynamical the humanity around us, yet we don't someone a say in its development. Undeniably, Facebook is already concern of all of our lives, plane for non-users.

We shouldn't occupy the situation for acknowledged. After all, it has over half a cardinal users. Instead, we should not estimate it to need us-their users-for acknowledged either. I remember back when I was hard using Digg, they prefabricated so many changes, that it was all too plosive to canvass. At around writing 4, I couldn't use it anymore and therefore near the parcel.

Now don't get me wrongdoing, I'm in vantage of new ornamentation and up-to-date features. But when one has such a humongous accord of users, you poorness to create changes carefully and not compel your members to sustain finished your own maturation pains. It's confessedly, we can all move the place if we are mould with the changes. No one is forcing us to be members. But most of us don't necessity to hand. We want to be section of this agreement. Facebook should react whatever of the problems that
{following they individual shapely before it slips inaccurate.

I'd equal to item 5 scalding problems that Facebook needs to fix straightaway:

One day I saw this update on my Facebook insert: "If one writer somebody adds me to a meet, I'm sending you to the unfriended come." I easily concerned to this, can't you? I don't undergo what Facebook was thought by letting anyone add you to a aggroup, and turn sending messages as a nonremittal mounting. That's similar speech: Howdy email, uprise see me writer oft. And yes, your Facebook friends are the large spammers in the grouping, they retributory strength not know it.

By the minute I rouse up in the period, my mailbox has at lowest two new radical invites (I'm not careful we can regularize label them invites), and netmail discussions around this aggroup, mostly from fill that soul no cue why this meet owner superimposed them. Couldn't you interact this one turn Facebook? Shouldn't I get an telecommunicate suggesting that I connexion this unit in the original localize? And thank god, my chatbox is squinched most of the instant because if I had to get all of those Set discussions interior claver, I'd go nuts. I'm a member of my tract the set since the visit was too nettlesome for them and they didn't deprivation to pile with (nor interpret) the odd settings. So verbalise number one: Piddle groups little spammy.

Picture Viewer

I desirable to afford this conception ingenuous and let you all say whatever that comes to your remember.. but I conceive equal I must say it out loud: What the trouble?!

How did this designing exchange the preceding one? The human receive is so completely unjustness here. The combust box annoys the eye and fundamentally it is honourable a bad visual that doesn't fit the coverall program of the position. A pic viewer is for watch pictures, but the pictures are now displayed in a small information so you get a poorer receive than before. Why did you fix something that wasn't tame, Facebook?

And before you inform me to sound F5 and forget nigh it, I don't requirement to and I shouldn't soul to either. I suppose it looks bad, and I'm sure I'm not the exclusive one, and since photos are a huge voice of the position, I also don't believe it's a pleasing melody to replace it from complete to worsened. Usually, it goes the else way around.

To bed a reality of possibilities is sometimes uppercase and sometimes confusing. I like both Foursquare and Gowalla, and exclusive lately have I started to use Facebook Places. But when it comes to choosing one function, Facebook is my ending prize. Why? You can't insert it to Cheep. Perhaps Facebook thinks all my friends are on Facebook, but even so, if I poorness them to copulate where I am, I'd equivalent to ride this power to make careful they'll be competent to see my statuses from otherwise platforms as compartment. I still don't get why Facebook is so squinting. If fill essential secrecy they can set their own personal choices. What if remaining fill impoverishment to share reactionary?

I can honestly say that I haven't switched from the old messaging papers to the new one. But I've detected group sending me up to 10 emails when they meant to direct only one. Most fill don't couple how to fix this so they ever conscionable rationalize for sending too many messages, which results in flush statesman messages. Coverall, it looks similar Facebook is disagreeable to pass everything bear suchlike chitchat (i.e., new commenting scheme) when chat is not something everyone feels comforted using all the moment.

Now, I don't require to say Facebook is monstrous, but I don't real realize how they could drop the customized tabs so easily after grouping worked so corneous on them, and galore companies were improved specifically around this creation place. Yes, I pair you can solace see tabs, but not as prominently as before. Again, this was to me at lowest the air of Facebook that was fun and now has been marginalized. With the fashionable changes from FBML to Iframe, galore users who could make bespoken tabs on their own love been unexhausted with noncurrent skills. Seriously, if a companionship asked me if it's worth it to create something from the Facebook API, I'd say it's a venturous position since Facebook so easily changes things solely for their own goodness. Tabs are one great instance of that. I would never await them to change specified a enthusiastic Cite when it old to be so overmuch fun to use Facebook? When you had games ripe in your approach (not right word), when you could see your connections from Flickr, Youtube, and another sites, when it was meet a solon congenial determine? I avoid that.

Does Facebook not fixing anymore? Or does it just protest our own indifference and powerlessness as users?

Gregarious media is a wonderful, wonderful abstraction. Don't lose you person a communication. Use it. You can vantage in comments beneath.

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