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Sunday, January 24, 2010

SQL Reports - Interview Questions

1.     How will you implement conditional highliting in Reports 2.5?
2.     How many triggers are available and when are they used?
3.     What are the diff types of layouts available?
4.     What are the steps to create your own layouts?
5.     What are the steps to create report containg two diff layouts?
6.     How do you refer field values and parameter values in PL/SQL code in reports?
7.     How do you print the value of a parameter?
8.     How do you restrict that only ten records are printed on one page?
9.     How do you print the name in Vertical Orientation in a Matrix report?
10.     Diff bet report writer 1.1 and 2.5?
11.     Can you write pl/sql in reports 1.1?
12.     How do you give a page level break in 2.5?
13.     How many groups and queries should there be in a matrix report in 1.1 and 2.5?
14.     What is an anchor in Reports 2.5.
15.     Can you change the retrieved value of reports.

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