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Sunday, January 24, 2010

SQL Interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions
1.     Which trigger will fire first ? Block level or item level .
2.     List mouse triggers in forms 4.5
3.     Steps in displaying multiple records in control block
4.     How to integrate reports with graphics?
5.     What are the types of relationships in Forms 4.5?
6.     Which triggers are generated by forms during the creation of  Master-Detail relationship?
7.     How will you delete the total transaction in a Master-Detail situation without writing code?
8.     When does “ON-POPULATE-DETAILS” tigger fire?
9.     How do you generate sequential numbers for key0fields ( eg. Purchase Order number )
10.     What trigger fires when the value in Radio button is changed?
11.     Can a null value be inserted using radio button?
12.     How will you set the value of radio button when the value is begin queried from the db?
13.     If a null value or other values is queried, how is the radio button set?
14.     What are the diff types of list Items available?
15.     How will you populate a list item dynamically?
16.     How will you implement duplicate check using “Record Groups” ?
17.     How will you stop the user dynamically to Insert record in tables?
18.     What triggers will not fire in Enter Query mode by default?
19.     What is the maximum limit of Timer expiry/
20.     What will be the Form_Status after the DB Commit is fired?
21.     What are Global variables? What are the advantages?
22.     How do you create reusable componentes in forms?
23.     What is the sequence of triggers fired in Navigation to other item When validation is 1.Item level and 2. Block level?
24.     what are form parameters?
25.     What is referencing?
26.     What are the locking mechanism used in F45?
27.     how will you inforce security in forms?
28.     What are the difference between WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM and POST-CHANGE trigger.
29.     What is Record group and what are the advantages of having it.
30.     What is the differences between Tlist,ComboBox and PopList properties of list items.
31.     What are the differences between copying and referencing an object.
32.     What is MDI Window.
33.     What is the procedure to call a Microsoft Application from forms 4.5.
34.     What is VBX controls and how it helps to build an application in Forms 4.5.
35.     How Parameters will be passed to other Oracle tools.
36.     What  do you mean by debugger in Forms 4.5
37.     While debugging can we change the script or not.
38.     Can We have an OLE server for Oracle application.
39.     What is meant by UserExits and how we You will call it from your forms 4.5 application.
40.     What are the various triggers that Reports 2.5 supports.
41.     What is icon.
42.     How many(minimum) groups are required to prepare a Matrix Report.
43.     What do you mean by bind parameter and lexical parameter.
44.     What are the various differences in Forms 3.0 and Forms 4.5
45.     Can I have a HTML document from Forms 45 application.
46.     What do you mean by activation style property of an OLE object.
47.     What is difference in Object embedding and object Linking.
48.     What are the situations in which we can go for embedding and in which we can go for Linking.
49.     What are the difference between Post-fetch and Post-Query trigger and when they will fire.
50.     What is difference between following built-ins
51.     Create_group_with_query and Populate_group_with_query.
52.     How you can change menu type property
53.     Can you tell something about TOOLBAR.
54.     What are the sequence of commit processing triggers
55.     can you create dynamic LOV.
56.     How you will control transaction in MDI.
57.     what do you mean by session in MDI.
58.      Do you use global variables and parameters.
59.     Can you tell something about window based triggers.

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