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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reduce your fat

Reduce your fat

One of the biggest problems in the minds of people is the belly fat. Many of us are concerned how to reduce fat and in what ways it can be reduced from the body. So here go the tips who are really interested in looking at their waist and thinking to reduce it.

Try to consume lot of water as it is first and foremost things that should be done after waking from bed. Many people fail to drink water in right amount that is required by the body. A Normal human being should drink atleast 5 - 6 litres of water daily. But we are not crossing 3 litres itself on an average. So try to drink as much of water in the whole day. Also teach your children to consume more water rather going for carbonated drinks.

Keep an eye on the fried items. Avoid fried things completely as possible. Turn away from potatoes and rice and reduce that consumption. Fried foods contain more oil that adds more fat in the body. Keep yourself and your children away from junk foods. Today most of the population are affected because of these junk foods. Stop eating snacks in between meals. Snacks and junk foods contains a lot of calories and fats.

Laziness is another thing that should be avoided. Avoid escalator and try to use steps. Sit and stand up whenever you have time in between your works. Try to walk as much as possible while talking, working in kitchen and at free times. These will always keep you brisk and makes your body healthy.

Instead of drinking fresh juice try to eat the fruits raw. That is more good for health and nutritious too. Boil vegetables and eat instead of cooking. Consume raw vegetables as much as possible.

Try to have a control of both sweet and salt. Both is essential but should be consumed in right amount. High intake of sweet and salt is not good for health. Try to reduce the intake of milk rather go for black coffee or tea. If you want to drink milk go with low fats.

Start doing daily exercise for atleast thirty minutes a day. Simple exercise is walking. Walking makes you brisk and fat burning inside the body. Do not go for heavy exercise. Start doing it daily and you will see the difference. Exercise makes our body fit and healthy. Gone are days were the proverb “an apple a day keeps doctor away” we can modify and say as “exercise everyday keeps doctor away”.

Go for dance or swimming class if possible. These are good exercise to our body and also they burn out the fat from our body. Avoid smoking and alcohol. These two things should be avoided if you really want to reduce the fat as these will not allow reducing the fats consolidated in the body.

So why you are waiting still. Go ahead and make yourself fit and healthy after following these steps and give a cute smile by seeing your belly.

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