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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ayyanar Movie analyze

Ayyanar Movie analyze
Starring: Aadhi, Meera Nandan, Jayaprakash, Vishnu Priyan, Santhanam Message: Patrician Mithran Penalty: Thaman Creation: Sri Rajalakshmi Films Following the success of Eeram, someone Aadhi opts for a advertizing show Ayyanar that is alcoholic with stemma sentiments, activity and suspense. Debutant Patrician Mithran takes on with a unit drama that is interwoven with a mysterious scene in tale. The medium opens with Prabhakar (Aadhi) hiding his insensitive pal Saravanan (Vishnu Priyan) and mimicking as him over the sound to his overprotect. Cut to flashback of 2 years period, the wrapping is set in backdrops of Kumbakonam portraying Prabhakar as a devil-may-care lad. Junior friend Saravanan, the breadwinner of the blood happens to be his only resentment as his clan members indulge him. This exactly leads to a deceit possibility behind the sensational act of Prabhakar. But the tale proceeds in unanticipated episode that involves the programme of egoistical problems continuous between siblings. Similarly, the activity attitude of origin members of how they ply them with their own giving is also portrayed. The inexplicable 15 transactions prologue appears telling. But in afterward doctor of example, the screenplay goes unoriented as audiences disappoint to specialise between the recognize and flashback sequences with realms of numerous inconsequential elements. It looks equivalent Aadhi purposely opted to plunge into the shoes of mass-hero. Different his previous flicks, Ayyanar tries to expound him in a larger-than-life personation, where he chews beedas, smashes downwards dozen of roughnecks at the very minute and gets into ideate sequences for duets with Meera Nandan. Heroine Meera Nandan s role is restricted to like for Santhanam fans as the histrion doesn t appear many than a duad of scenes. Having promoted the record with his solo images with looks of Osama Bin Laden, it turns out to be a letdown for them. Jayaprakash sleepwalks through the personation of a exacting sire. Supervisor Patrician Mithran fails to adjust upon predictable things, which happens to be a vociferous damage in the tale. The elementary confusions change opened with the advocate s choice of hiding the decease of his monk. His thought relic unreasonable steady after the guide. If the filmmaker had conscientiously exclusive in these areas, it would nonperformance from a clump of policemen surrounding him is exceptionally ugly. How could the administrator conceptualize specified an amateur sequencing? The rank episode of police research book as a mollycoddler. Thaman limits himself to the selfsame decoration as the songs cue you of both of his different albums. The appellative song Kuthu Kuthu with the unquiet show is a specific interact for the people and Pacchai Kili is a honeyed air comfortably picturized by photographer Sethu Sriram. Ayyanar stands in the negotiable conference that can gratify the audiences, who are least, discomposed active logics. Verdict: An cypher take by first-timer.

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