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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Church

There numerous incidents and events happening across the world. Many philosophical people claim that these incidents have direct or indirect relation with the prophecies in the Bible. They say that they are many proven theories to support this statement. The Rapture of the Church is a kind of website where the current news and information about events happening in the words are given to the readers. This website has links to news on Christianity, Islam and other general things.

A newsletter will be sent to the readers if they wish to subscribe for the same in this site and it will be delivered to the inbox of the readers. The registration process for this newsletter is very quick process which one would prefer to do. There are many section which the readers prefer to read, Rapture 2011, Prophecy for 2012, and News for today, while others gives their preferences to 2011 predictions and prophecy 2011 are few of them.

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