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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Insertion Sort

Insertion sort does exactly what you would expect: it inserts each element of the array into its proper position, leaving progressively larger stretches of the array sorted. What this means in practice is that the sort iterates down an array, and the part of the array already covered is in order; then, the current element of the array is inserted into the proper position at the head of the array, and the rest of the elements are moved down, using the space just vacated by the element inserted as the final space.
Here is an example: for sorting the array the array 52314 First, 2 is inserted before 5, resulting in 25314 Then, 3 is inserted between 2 and 5, resulting in 23514 Next, one is inserted at the start, 12354 Finally, 4 is inserted between 3 and 5, 12345

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