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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earn from Twitter

How to earn Cash daily through Twitter (PTC)

Hey everyone!

I spent a long time writing this up so I hope you enjoy it. I could have easily sold most of it! I just wanted to share my findings on Twitter as a money making platform. I started this up 9 days ago. Right now I’m not making large profits by any means, but the rate my follow list has grown ensures me that it’ll get better. For the first few days I was getting 20-30 followers and now I’m getting 75-100 each day. This growth makes me feel rather confident.

Now ultimately the most money you could attain from Twitter is using CPA offers. However I’ve also found a PPC service that should generate $20-$50 now and more later.

Now as most of you are aware your Twitter success revolves around followers, thus the more followers the more clicks you’ll get daily. Another user who led me into this left me with this information. “I’m averaging about 600 clicks a day from ten accounts. My largest account has over 5000 followers and my smallest has roughly 2000 followers.” The PPC company pays on average $0.07 per click. However there are many ads that pay 15 cents per click. An ad was released today that says “OMG these shirts are hilarious” and a link after. This ad pays $0.07 cents per click and looks just like any other Twitter post. Many of the ads work this way. You don’t have to worry about looking like a spammer. You’ll look normal and get paid in the process. So here are the steps.

A quick note, after gaining a large follower base you can consider selling ad space on each account. If you had 20,000 followers and sold an ad slot for $10, twice a day, you’d earn $600 per month. Now times this by your 10 accounts. You could also setup your own CPA ads. I think you get the picture.

* Create 10 Twitter accounts
* Ensure that each account has a photo (Using photos of pretty yet believable women works the best.)
* Twitter does not require a valid email to create accounts. Thus you can create 10 accounts in 30 minutes. (I have many backups accounts also. When you reach above 1000 followers you can request to add more than 10 accounts. This will increase your profits rapidly later on.)

* Time to sign up to the PPC affiliate program.
* You do require a PayPal account, but once you earn $100+ you can simply request a check.
* The site to join is (Click here to register)
* Another great feature with this site is the ability to use “Auto Post”. The auto posting feature will automatically post up to 3 ads a day on each Twitter account.
* Don’t click on your own ads!!! You will be penalized or completely removed from the program. Every ad has a display link you can follow to review the ad.
* Simply add your 10 Twitter accounts by clicking on the Twitter accounts page.
* You need 50 followers to start posting ads. Don’t worry, you’ll have 50 in a day or two.

* Add followers using a software bot.
* I add roughly 700 followers on each account every night. (Start with just 200-300 for the first few nights, then 500, and make your way to 700)
* I recommend you use the Phoenix Twitter Desktop to automatically follow users.

* Wait 24 hours then clear all the tweets who are not following you back.
* This ensures that you can add 500 people again without being blocked or flagged.
* Currently the best site for clearing out all of the users who have not followed you back is Twitter Karma.
* Don’t forget to follow all of the random users who follow you on their own.

* Set up a controlling platform for all of your accounts.
* It ensures that you look like a real person. I normally post status updates like “Work is boring” or a random fact. The site will update every account at once. (Saving you at least 20 minutes each time)
* The status updates are done through HelloTxt.
* Once you have signed up to this site, add all 10 of your Twitter accounts (Provide full log in details)
* Now you can start posting status updates for all accounts at once.

STEP 6 (Basically rinse and repeat)
* Remember to follow new people every day to increase your followers (Use different search parameters each time. I highly recommend you do not succeed 500 followers a day unless you’re follow count is very high. I’m adding 700 now, but I’m taking a risk with it. Twitter has a technical limit of 2000 per day)
* Bulk remove Tweeters who are not following you back.
* Post realistic updates to your accounts each day. (Bulk update recommended)

My advice regarding this technique
* Stick with it! At first you’ll only see a $1 a day then $5 then $10 etc…. This is a technique that takes roughly a month to reach its peak.
* After you have 5,000+ followers these accounts can be used for CPA marketing and earn even more.

This is a great technique for people who only want to spend 20 minutes a day on creating a reliable stream of income. (It will take a few hours to setup, but it’s easy then after) Post any questions and I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

You can bookmark / favorite this post.. Once you have 50 followers, register with RevTwt by CLICKING HERE

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