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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Verbal Section For Students

1. Depreciation Ans. Deflation, Depression, Devaluation, fall, slump in value
2. Deprecate Ans. Feel and express disapproval of
3. Incentive Ans. Thing one encourages a person to do something
4. Echelon Ans. Level of authority or responsibility
5. Innovation Ans.To make changes or introduce new things
6. Intermittant Ans. Externally stopping and then starting
7. Detrimental Ans.Harmful
8. Aberration Ans. Deviation
9. Conciliation Ans.To make less angry or more friendly
10. Orthodox Ans.Conventional or superstitious
11. Fallible Ans.Liable to err
12. Volatile Ans.Ever changing
13. Manifestion Ans.Clear or obvious
14. Connotation Ans. Suggest in addition to the fundamental meaning
15. Reciprocal Ans. Reverse, Opposite

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