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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Telephonic Interview - Oracle Finance

(After initial introduction…)

1)     Since how long you have been in Oracle Financials?
A)   Since January 95 I am in Oracle Financials

2)     Tell me about the projects you have done?
A)   (Explained to him about the Custom Purchasing report for Honeywell, Interface mapping system for Starkey. Interrupting…)

3)     So you have worked on Purchasing, Have you worked on GL?
A)   I have worked on GL, Purchasing and AP modules?

4)     Have you worked on FA (Fixed Assets)?
A)   No.

5)    That is fine. What all work you did in your projects?
A)     Mainly I was involved in writing custom reports. I have also written some PL/SQL blocks. I was handling the technical side. After creating reports I also implemented it using AOL in ….. (Interrupting)

6)     OK! My client Hemal may give you call today. Give me your residence number
A)     (Gave him the residence number)

7)     He has requirements in Denver and Omaha. He is also an Indian. He is staying here for almost 15-20 years. You have an excellent communication skills. However, when you talk to him, talk in American accent so that he will be thoroughly impressed. He may give a call as soon as he receives your resume. Then I will give you call sometime in the evening. Are you available?
A)   Yes. Certainly. I will be in the Office till 5.00 pm after that you can reach at my residence.

8)     OK! Bye now.
A)   Bye

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