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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sample Telephonic Interview

(After initial introduction…)

1)     You have any problem in working anywhere in states?
A)     No. I don’t mind.

2)   Are you on the project or are you available immediately?
A)     I am available immediately?

3)    Since how long you are working on Oracle?
A)   Since November 92

4)   OK! That means for about 4.0 years. And in Forms 4.0?
A)  About 7 months.

5)   Forms 3.0?
A)  About  10 months

6)   Roughly how many forms you developed in 3.0 and 4.0
A)   I don’t remember from top of my  head right now but somewhere  around 25.

7)    In both?
A)     No only in 4.0. Developed around another 15-20 in 3.0.

8)    So roughly about 40. How about reports. You worked on both 2.0 and 1.1 right?
A)     Right.

9)   How many reports you developed in each of them?
A)  Around 40 in reports 2.0 and 20 in 1.1.

10)    How many of them were complex?
A)     About 5 in 2.0 and in 1.1 most of them were simple.

11)     OK  so I will write about 10 in both of them. On the level of 1..5, 1 is trained, 2 is modest, 3 is average, 4 is proficient and 5 is expert., how will you rate yourself in forms 4.0?
A)   I will rate myself 4.

12)  In forms 3.0?
A)     Forms 3.0 also 4.

13)  In reports 2.0 and 1.1
A)     In reports 2.0 4 and 1.1 I  rate myself 3.

14)  How long you are working in SQL*Plus?
A)     About 4 years

15)  And in PL/SQL?
A)     About three and half years.

16) How you rate your skills in these Oracle Tools?
A)     In SQL*Plus, PL/SQL and SQL*Loader I rate myself 4.

17)  Have you worked on Pro*C?
A)   Not on any live projects but I have worked on C

18)  How long you are working in C?
A)     About 4-5 months.

19) How long you are working in Oracle Financials?
A)     For about one and half years.

20) Which all modules you worked on Oracle Financials?
A)     Mainly Accounts Payable.

21) How long? For one and half years?
A)     It is difficult to say but for about one year because I worked on other modules also interactively?

22) Which other modules you have worked and approximately how long?
A)     In Purchasing for 2 months and General Ledger for  about 2-3 months.

23)  Have you worked on Accounts Receivables? Or Manufacturing like Oracle MRP or BOM?
A)     No.

24)  Have you worked as a DBA?
A)     No.

25)  Are you familiar with Analysis or Design?
A)     Yes, as a matter of fact I did the table design in one of my projects in Sun Microsystems.

26)  Have you worked in any interface projects?
A)     Yes. In one of my projects at Starkey Laboratories I worked on interface mapping to change the data from Legacy system into oracle Financials tables with help of mapping the GL code combinations. However, all the specifications were given. I have not worked in functional part of it, I was working in the technical side, working on forms and reports and PL/SQL

27)  OK! So you rate yourself as a technical and not a functional person. Have you worked on AOL?
A)     Yes. I worked on AOL mainly to implement reports in Oracle Financials and creating or revoking a user or its user responsibilities.

28)  How would you rate yourself in AOL?
A)   About 3.

29)     OK! I will get back to you or Manoj  soon. Thanks!
A)   Thanks a lot

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