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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sample Personal Interview Questions

1)     Are you going to work here on a full time basis?
A)  (Thinking that she meant full time or part time) Yes, but what is meant by full time basis.

2)     I mean to say that are you coming here for a permanent position?
A)   No, I came here as a contractor through my company ODSi.

3)     Actually, this requirement is for a permanent  position, but if we cannot find anybody for permanent position then I will have to convince my boss that we may have to go for contractor as we could not get anybody for permanent position and since we are in crises. Do you know about our company?
A)   A very little.

4)     Ok let me explain about our company in brief.
(Talked for about half an hour about the Rational Software. While concluding…)

5)     We have already implemented Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing. Currently we are working on Order Entry and Accounts Receivable. Also, we will be implementing MRP and BOM in near future. However, currently the requirement is for Order Entry  and Accounts Receivable. Have you worked on in any of these two?
A)     No. But I have worked on Accounts Payable and General Ledger and Purchasing.. So it should not be a problem for me as earlier I was not worked on these modules either.
6)     How long you are in Oracle Financials?
A)     I am in Oracle Financials for about last one and half years. First I was in Honeywell working on custom purchasing reports which were developed in reports 2.0 then for Starkey labs on forms 4.0 and reports 2.0 and again for Honeywell on year end reports on report 2.0. All of which were on Oracle Financials.

7)     Tell me something about your last project, about year end reports you worked at Honeywell.
A)     The reports which I developed for Honeywell were all year end reports and developed in reports 2.0 like Invoices on Hold. I was the part of the IS team and we used to discus with the user about the reports. The user used to give us the layout and should they require the report urgently they used to give me the specifications also as to which table or column to pick. Otherwise, I used to find it out for myself . Then I used to design the report and implement it in the Oracle Financials with the help of AOL.

8)     Here there is nobody to give you specifications. So you may have to use manuals or contact Oracle. Tell me about this report invoices on hold that you have developed.
A)     Invoices on the hold report they were using to find out the total invoices which they have on hold along with the invoice amount and vendor details. It uses the tables AP_INVOICES, AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS, PO_VENDORS, PO_VENDOR_SITES. I used to discus with the users about the requirements about their reports and used to design and then implement in AOL.

9)     What all things  you did in AOL?
A)     Mainly I implemented the reports using AOL. I also created or disabled users and their  responsibilities using the AOL.
10)     Ok so mainly implementation of custom reports, menus and forms.
A)     Yes, though I could not get a chance to implement menus and forms it should not be a problem as the most difficult part is the implementation of  reports as it require the report parameters also.

11)     Have you defined any Flexfields?
A)     Yes. As one of the requirement of the last project was to print the check reconciliation report, which they used to do it on the weekly basis. One of the user used to run a SQL script by specifying the dates every week. Rather than doing this, we defined one of the attribute of AP_CHECKS as R for reconciled and V for Void. Then we run a SQL script for one  time just to change the existing attribute to R or V and after that now it is running every week marking R and V automatically  as it is running through automatic job schedular called Autosys.

12)     Have you implemented key code combinations? Have you been in before the implementation stage any time?
A)     No. I was mostly in the post implementation stage only. Though I have not implemented any  key code combinations but my project at Starkey was of similar type. They had the old Legacy system which they want to convert into Oracle Financials and eventually they wanted to discontinue with the Legacy system. Initially it was decided to convert the data with SQL*Loader, since there were some systems which were still running in the Legacy system because of which one person may be involved permanently for this job, rather than we  decided to develop a package with which they could change the data in the flat file format into temporary oracle tables and then used to updated in the appropriate tables after verifying the data and mapped with the key code combinations which they have already entered and validated at time of entering. However, this was not implemented in Oracle Financials because it is going to be used till they transfer all the data from Legacy system to Oracle tables.

13)     Here we are also in the post implementation stage. We require someone for doing reports and assisting  our users. He should have good knowledge of the Oracle Tools and oracle modules particularly in Order Entry and Accounts Receivable.
A)     Yes, I am quite good in Oracle Tools such as Forms and reports 2.0 and also in SQL*Plus and PL/SQL. I am also familiar with Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5.

14)     That’s great! Ming is our technical person who is a senior DBA here. He will ask you some technical questions. You have any questions?
A)     You said you have lot of projects here to be done. In case if I joined what would be your highest priority?

15)     Well our priority is for Order Entry and Accounts Receivable. There are lots of reports to be finished first.
A)     Which versions of forms and reports are  you using right now?

16)     As of now we do not want to modify Oracle Forms or Tables. But we are using forms 2.3 and SQL*Plus as reports and for some complex reports we are using Reports 2.0. But we may go for Forms 4.5 and reports 2.5 if we migrate from Oracle financials 10.5 to 10.6 in near future.
A)     I am quite familiar with Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.0 though I haven’t worked on live projects.

17)     That’s great! Any other questions?
A)     No. Not at the moment.

18)     Great I will call Ming now, he may ask you some technical questions. Thanks!
A)   Thanks Sharie.

Then Sharie introduced me to Ming and she left.

1)     How long you are in Financials?
A)     About one and half years.

2)     Have you worked on Accounts Receivable or Order Entry?
A)     No. But I worked on Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Purchasing.

3)     Allright. But our main requirement is for Order Entry and Receivable. Tell me about the project you have done.
A)     (Explained about the Year end report  project for Honeywell and Interface mapping project for Starkey)

4)     Oh! We have Legacy system here and we have a similar requirement for transferring data from Legacy  to Oracle tables.
A)     What hardware platform you are working on?

5)     We have a Sun Sparc stations here.
A)     Oh! I worked for Sun Microsystems on the same platform.

6)     That’s great. Did you find any difference in HP and Sun sparc.
A)     I was using pentium PCs which were connected to the HP  unix boxes. But I liked Sun Sparcs better.

7)     Yeah! We also have some emulators which connects to the Unix system. I think I am done. Do you have any questions?
A)     What would be your highest priority?

8)     We have lot of things to be done in Order Entry and Accounts Receivables.
A)     When do you think you can get back to me about this project?

9)     Well, I have no authority. Sharie is my project manager and she will get back to you. Do you have any other questions?
A)     No.

10)     Ok! Thanks!
A)   Thanks  a lot

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